Mirissa Vetaly

Buying a fence or deck is an investment and can have a big impact on the look of your home. A beautiful fence or deck can transform your yard. It sets the mood of your backyard barbecues and parties, and provides background for your landscape and garden. You will see your fence or deck every day for a long time. A well-built fence or deck will last 20+ years, so it is best to do it right the first time.

Here are some guidelines to help make sure you’ve covered all your bases before your new fence or deck is built:

Check with Your HOA for Any Rules or Regulations

Most HOAs have rules regarding the types of fences and decks you can build in your neighborhood. If you are part of an HOA, please make sure the fence or deck you plan to build checks out.

Be Sure of Your Property Lines

If you already have property pins, we can locate them for you and build within the boundary they define; however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. If you are unsure of the boundary of your yard or property pins cannot be located, we strongly recommend having your yard surveyed. Property disputes may arise if you have built off of your property and you may be required to have your new fence removed. Please make sure you have taken the precautions to avoid this expensive mistake.

Landscape Modification

Look at the landscape where you’re planning on building your fence or deck. You may need to trim back some trees or a hedgerow, or flatten out parts of the yard. A fence or deck is long-term structure, and will have an impact on the future of your landscaping ideas. We are happy to make minor adjustments to the landscape during the building process, but anything major would be better left to a landscaping company.

Consider Your Needs for a New Fence or Deck

Fences can serve many different purposes. They can be constructed for security or privacy reasons, pet or child confinement, architectural or aesthetic improvement to your property, blocking a bad view, or simply to mark the boundaries of your property. Think about what you are looking for in a new fence or deck. Discuss this with us so we can make sure that all your needs are met.

Understand the Cost and Value / Decide on a Budget

A fence or deck is a long-term investment. A well-built fence or deck will last years if it is properly maintained. Before you decide on a budget for your fence or deck, please take time to understand the value of the investment you are making and price your fence or deck by the years. The proper lumber, hardware, and construction will keep your fence or deck standing and your gates functioning properly.

While it’s impossible to anticipate every variable, taking these common sense steps to properly plan and organize your project will help ensure a successful outcome. Simply put, the more prepared you are before starting the fewer surprises there will be.