We’re a locally owned and operated King County, WA business that provides a wide range of custom fences and decks. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and customize every job for our client’s unique needs and preferences. Our fences and decks are made from only the highest quality materials, and we stand behind literally every piece of wood we install.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, provides free estimates, and complete installation of your fence or deck.

Please take a look at Our Work and let us know what we can build for you!

  • Triple Rail Cedar Fence on Rock Wall
  • Gate with Basic Arbor (Gate Matches Fence Design)
  • 5ft Tall 1x6 Cedar Decking Horizontal Fence
  • Drive Through 14ft Wide Double Swing Gate
  • Cedar Panel Fence after Customer Stain
  • Cedar Panel Fence with 2x4 Cap and Trim
  • Privacy Fence Enclosing Ground Level Cedar Deck
  • Basic Cedar Fence with Cut Off Top Style
  • Cut Off Top Fence with Double Swing Gate
  • Cedar Fence with 2x6 Pressure Treated Bottom Rail
  • Cedar Lattice Fence
  • 3ft Tall Galvanized Welded Wire Fence
  • Close Up of Alley Way Gate with Curved Top Design
  • Horizontal Cedar 1x4 Fence with Stainless Fasteners
  • Horizontal Cedar Fence
  • Cedar 2x4 Deck Repair
  • Back of Gate with Basic Arbor
  • Cut Off Top Cedar Fence and Matching Gate
  • Cedar Panel Fence with 2x4 Cap and Trim
  • West Seattle Waterfront Cedar Deck
  • Cedar Gate After Solid Stain
  • Timbertech Composite Deck with Hidden Fasteners
  • Basic Cedar Fence with Cut Off Top Style (Maple Valley)
  • 3ft Tall Cedar Panel Fence
  • Hidden Gate in Horizontal Fence
  • Back View of 6ft Tall Cedar Panel Fence
  • Cut Off Top Cedar Fence
  • All Cedar Gable Roof with Free Standing 4 Post and Composition Roofing
  • 4ft Tall Walk Through Gate (Back View)
  • 6ft Tall Invisible Rolled Wire Fence
  • Welded Wire Fence and Gate
  • Triple Rail Cedar Fence
  • Two Level Cedar Deck with Stairs and Lattice
  • 3ft Tall Dog Eared Cedar Fence Overall
  • 4ft Tall Walk Through Gate
  • Grid Style Cedar Fence with Trellis Above
  • 1x6 Cedar Horizontal Fence
  • 4ft Tall Cedar Lattice Fence
  • 4ft Tall Cedar Lattice Fence with Heavy 4x4 Posts
  • 6ft Tall Cedar Fence and Gate with Raised Concrete
  • Level Continuous Top Cedar Panel Fence
  • Open Board Cedar Panel Fence
  • Double Swing Gate with 8x8 Posts
  • 6ft Tall Cut Off Top Cedar Fence
  • Cedar Panel Fence with Step Down Design
  • Estate Style Fence and Gate
  • West Seattle Composite Deck
  • Lattice Fence Built Next to Retaining Wall
  • 6ft Tall Cedar Panel Fence (Street View)
  • 6ft Tall Cedar Panel Fence with 2x4 Cap and Trim
  • Cedar Gate Before Solid Stain
  • 12ft Wide Double Swing Gate (Front View)
  • Recycle Bin Storage Area for Issaquah Food Bank
  • Customer Designed Gate with Upgraded 2x8 Cedar Beam Arbor
  • Picture Frame Top Gate
  • Picture Frame Top Cedar Fence
  • Inside View of Cedar Gable Roof
  • Welded Wire Fence with Cedar Frame
  • 18ft Wide Double Swing Drive Through Gate
  • 4ft Tall Cedar Panel Fence with Continuous Top
  • Triple Rail Cedar Gate
  • 5ft Wide Double Swing Gate with Upgraded Arbor
  • Alley Way Estate Style Fence with Curved Top Gate
  • Triple Rail Cedar Fence and Gate
  • 3ft Tall Cedar Fence with Alternating Boards, Caps, and Trim
  • 3ft Tall Dog Eared Cedar Fence with Matching Gate
  • Gate with Curved Top Design
  • Horizontal 1x4 Cedar Fence with Matching Gate
  • 200ft Plus of Cedar Panel Fence
  • Welded Wire Fence with Cedar Frame
  • Triple Rail Cedar Panel Fence with Cap and Trim
  • 2x4 Cedar Built In Bench
  • Back of Horizontal Gate
  • Simple Cut Off Top Cedar Fence
  • 12ft Wide Double Swing Gate with Lockable Drop Pin (Back View)
  • Alley Way Fence
  • Invisible Wire Double Swing Gate
  • Water Feature Pump and Filter Shed (Also Used for Storage)
  • Estate Style Double Swing Gate
  • Cedar Deck with Fascia


New Fence Styles

  • Cut-Off Top
  • Modified Estate
  • Modern Horizontal
  • Welded Wire
  • Custom


  • Replace Posts and Reattach Panels
  • Replace Fence Boards

Removal and Disposal


New Deck Styles

  • Cedar
  • Composite


  • Structural Repair
  • Replace Deck Boards
  • Replace Handrails
  • Repair Handrails
  • Add Stairs

Removal and Disposal


Every fence that we build is a custom project… we customize the design to match or enhance your existing landscape features and the style of your home. The designs usually fall into some of the following categories, and we are happy to mix elements from any of the styles or influences you would like.


This is the most basic style of fence we build. Although this is a commonly seen style, our version of this fence is made with cedar fence boards, standard 4×4 pressure treated posts, and stainless steel nails. We achieve straight lines and clean joints so the fence looks great from the front and back.


A fence can be made more resilient to wind damage, resistant to rain exposure, and will make the fence look more modern by adding a cedar 2×4 top cap to each panel.


Our horizontal fence is made with custom joints for a stylish, modern look that is built to last! The fasteners are stainless steel, and it looks the same from both sides. We can use various patterns in the boards, custom finishes, and custom post caps to add a great effect.


This wire fence is made with thick wire panels framed in cedar. Available in heights up to 5 feet, this is a great style to keep large dogs in and still be able to see past your back yard.


The possibilities are only limited by the imagination. What’s on your mind?


We choose only the best materials for our fences and decks. With so much work and cost going into the labor of building a fence or deck, you always get the best value by using superior materials. This will ensure that our craftsmanship will withstand the test of time. We buy all of our lumber from locally owned businesses.


Cedar is our lumber of choice for both privacy and quality. We have researched all the wood species commonly used for fences, and have concluded that cedar is by far the best for the King County, WA area.


This soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain and few knots. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay. Western Red Cedar is extensively used for outdoor construction in the form of posts, decking, shingles, and siding.

Thujaplicin, a chemical substance, is found in mature trees and serves as a natural fungicide, thereby preventing the wood from rotting. This effect lasts around a century even after the tree is felled. Its pungent aromatic oils are believed to discourage moth and carpet beetle larvae.


We select the strongest hardware available for our gate hinges, latches, handles, and bolts. Powder coating keeps the hardware looking great for many years.