The People with Passion for All Things Cedar…


The People with Passion for All Things Cedar…

What Makes Us Who We Are

Since 2012, Cedar River Construction has led the effort to provide custom, professional fences and decks to residents and businesses in King County, WA. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship delivered by friendly, local experts. The fences and decks we build are above and beyond the common contractor-grade decks and fences you see scattered around King County. We refuse to cut corners (no pun intended) – we will not use low-grade materials or hasty construction techniques.


We’re a specialized fence and deck business, and we are the best at what we do!


Cedar River Construction was founded by me, Steve Taylor. I started the business back in 2012 right after working in the construction field for more than 10 years


Today, as I see all of the fences and decks we’ve had the pleasure of building, I’m so glad I took the leap to start a business that I’m proud to put my name on.


I have the pleasure of doing what I love to do, and strive to continue building quality fences for fellow community members.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest fences and decks in the Pacific Northwest, and to ensure that their businesses and personal endeavors are made better by the products we deliver.


We are different, and this is reflected in the quality of our work and by the satisfaction of our customers. Many things set us apart from the “competition,” and here’s just a few of them…
We show up on time and stay on schedule, so your fence or deck is completed when you need it.
We won’t quote you one price and later add hidden fees. What you see is what you get!

We don’t leave any job unfinished. When your fence or deck is complete you’ll be able to let your dogs out of the house, and start the grill!

We use the best materials, meaning we hand-select only the finest pieces of lumber from our suppliers. Each board we use goes through a quality-assurance inspection so you end up with a correctly built fence or deck.
We know a fence and a deck is an investment. Our fences and decks add value by increasing curb appeal, your enjoyment and the security of your property.
We are a Maple Valley, WA business dedicated to helping other families and businesses in the community thrive in this great place that we call home. We take pride in building fences and decks that integrate with the natural beauty around us, and become part of the neighborhoods we love.


Not all fences and decks are built to the same level of quality standards. There are many factors that go into the building of a fence or deck that set us apart. Here’s why you should choose us…

We work on only one project at a time to ensure you get our full and undivided attention, the best quality work, and the best possible service!
From the design stage to the finished product, we go above and beyond to produce the finest fences and decks available in the King County, WA area. We accomplish this by using better joinery, post setting techniques, lumber, hardware, and finishing than competing fence and deck companies.
We take into account many details that other fence and deck companies do not. For example, in order to maximize longevity and strength, we take into account the grain, bow, and warping of every board we install.
We build on site, utilizing every aspect of the property and landscape to help shape the design of your fence or deck. By allowing the form to follow function, and vice versa, the final product is a more natural, practical and usable part of your home.
Many construction companies consist of large crews of mostly unskilled laborers. We have seen and heard of fences and decks built in a single day by as many as ten people! This low-labor-cost approach usually results in sloppy joints, shaky footings, low quality fence boards, or cheap deck boards. While this “method” does save a few hours in labor, it ultimately results in a poor quality fence or deck, which will last half as long or less. It is for this reason we hire only the best, the most skilled, and most experienced team members. Ultimately, quality produces value, not the reverse!
As is with most things, you get what you pay for. Our fences and decks are held to a higher standard of quality, which provides you with the best possible value. We’re admittedly not the cheapest, but we provide the best quality at the best price, which none of our competitors can match. In fact, cheaper solutions will ultimately cost you more money in the end. Doing it right the first time ultimately saves you money!